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Lacsol (5 Litre)

BOSTIK LACSOL PRIMER is a thin, colourless solution developed for removing contaminants from rubber
soling surfaces in footwear factories.
In addition to having the properties of a simple solvent cleaner, BOSTIK LACSOL PRIMER reacts chemically
with soaps, which are present in vulcanized rubbers and which may migrate to the surface during storage and
inhibit adhesion. Treatment with BOSTIK LACSOL PRIMER disperses the soaps together with release agents
and other contamination.
BOSTIK LACSOL PRIMER may be used for the following applications:
1. Cleaning of stale, scoured or split resin rubber surfaces before applying polychloroprene adhesives.
2. Cleaning of microcellular rubber, as an alternative to scouring, before applying polychloroprene
3. Cleaning of vulcanized rubbers, especially moulded sole units and gristle rubbers, before halogenation
(with e.g. BOSTIK 300 PRIMER) and applying polyurethane adhesives.
BOSTIK LACSOL PRIMER offers advantages over a simple solvent wipe in any instance where soap
contamination of a material surface is suspected.


We cannot be held responsible for any mis-use or wrong application of this product. Please see data sheets before use:


Safety Data

Technical Data

Lacsol (5 Litre)

5 Liters
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